About Us

Vigyan Gurjari Vadodara

Vigyan Gurjari is the Vadodara, Gujarat unit of the Vigyan Bharati Movement, which is working for the overall development of India through proper integration of Science, Engineering, and Technology, which was established on September 17, 2009. Vigyan Gurjari invites eminent scientists, academicians, policy makers, and social activists of Vadodara, Gujarat province to participate in this shared endeavor and be a guide.


Vigyan Gurjari Vadodara works with our culture and sense of indigeneity at heart. Vigyan Gurjari Vadodara emphasizes the harmony of science and spirituality. Science works for livelihood, rural development, social empowerment, and the transfer of Tantric knowledge.


Vigyan Gurjari Vadodara believes in collaborating with universities, research and development institutes, and other like-minded organizations for the overall development of society. Which this society tries to get the fruits of the progress made in science and technology.


A self-reliant and developed India is our dream. Come, if you agree with these ideas, let us join together in the great work of nation-building by combining arcane and ancient science.

Prabodhanam Foundation

The Prabodhanam Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization working on different critical problems and issues of India and the world. The foundation primarily focused on issues are health, ADHD child, education, research publication, environment.   …. Read more

Library of  ज्ञानम्

“एकः विचारः विश्वं परिवर्तयति ॥”, The Library of ज्ञानम्  is an initiative of the Prabodhanam Foundation to enhance and encourage research work in India and the world. The following projects are started under the Library of ज्ञानम्. PSN, CSN, JSN, MSN, PoSN, SRSN, PRSN, Read more.