VGV Journal is the research article publication of the author's ideas and intellectual property by Vigyan Gurjari Vadodara. 

The Prabodhanam Foundation provides the JSN Journal Server Network platform to Vigyan Gurjari Vadodara to publish research articles publication of the author's ideas and intellectual property via JSN.

The JSN is the Journal Server Network project of the Library of ‘ज्ञानम्’ started by the Prabodhanam Foundation. Vigyan Gurjari Vadodara is the member of the Library of ‘ज्ञानम्’

The Journal provides the environment for young and professional researchers to publish their work on scholarly platforms. The Journal scope focused on science, engineering, and technology research articles considered for publication. The Journal basically focuses on original and review articles for process and publication.

The VGV Journal acknowledges the COPE committee guidelines, to handle day-to-day publication ethics and complaints. Click here to read about COPE guidelines

VGV Journal also strictly adheres to the ethics and policies of 

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