Publication Process

Step-1: User Registration: First User needs to register on VGV Preprint Server as the author. The author can also register with Orchid ID For registration click here

Step-2: Submit Manuscript: Submit the full-draft manuscript as per the template provided by the VGV Preprint.

Step-3: Moderator Screening: Moderator Screening the full-draft manuscript as per VGV Preprint Policy. 

Step-4: Result of Moderator Screening:

    1. Screening Successfully completed and send for publication step.
    2. The moderator suggests some modifications on the basis of screening, the author needs to complete the modification and resubmit for screening.

Step-5: Post Preprint: The manuscript successfully completes the screening step posted online as the preprint by the moderator.

Step-5: Update the Preprint: If any update did by the author after the preprint is posted, the author, needs to submit an updated version of the preprint and repeat step-1 to step-5.

Note: Updated Preprint submission and completion of step-1 to step-5  VGV Preprint consider as a New version of the Preprint and listed on the website: